About Me

A Pillow for His Head is the writing service (content company) of Wally Peterson (that’s me). It’s had a roller coaster ride during its short life, going from an idea to around 70 people within 6 months – and back down to about 3 people 6 months later. Big ideas and  skyrocket growth were tempered by a lack of proper resources and implementation.

Obviously I’m still here, still learning, and still looking for people who can and will come alongside me to build it back up, this time the right way: slowly, methodically, with a plan to work and a team to work it. Wanna help?

In the meantime I’m doing my own freelance writing, blogging on this site, networking all over the place, and trying to learn as much as my feeble brain will take in. I hope that you get something out of my posts.


3 thoughts on “About Me

    • Yeah, too many things going on at once. As I said in a previous post, I’m not very good with websites. Just using the about.me link for now. I’ll get to it, though.

  1. As I just said in Linked in, I’ll have to follow this blog. Now I realize you are just starting, but that’s fine with me. My word press blog is in its infancy really. I have a personal blog, and that was where I found my voice. I have only 90-95 followers and I’ve not written much in the last six months, but they show up within moments whenever I do write. I’ve learned more about my own writing and my own life and writing goals through those people, through their comments and their blogs, than I’d have learned trying out the SEO lessons I’ve learned as a freelance marketing writer. Like you, I have absolutely nothing against finding the most effective ways to draw people to one’s “commercial” website. It’s just that quantity is not always the goal.

    I hope that you get your blog up and running. I also have found that there are some bloggers whose six or seven blogs a year have been the more eye-opening or riveting, or compellingly written than the daily blogs of many others. At any rate, it was good to read someone’s thoughts on SEO that validated some of my own–it is rare to read something like this, Wally. I have a feeling a whole lot of writers would go, as I did, “Thank, GOD. It isn’t just me.” So, I hope many people read it.

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